Offset Printing (Led UV & Conventional)

Synonymous with Quality and Reliability, Offset Printing has been our way of printing since 1979. We are equipped with 12 printing bodies, distributed by machines at 5, and 1 color in the 46x68cm, 52x72cm and 72x104cm formats. The production / printing control is carried out by a densitometer spectrum, according to the ISO 12647 standard, using CIP3 technology for auto ink control. In addition to the Standard Offset printing, we offer HIGH DEFINITION (IAD) printing, which due to the Prepress (CTP – Computer to Plate) and Printing (Offset) equipment allows us to reproduce Plots beyond 200 LPI´s or use Stochastic plots so that the definition of your printouts is breathtaking.

At the same time, and based on the characteristics of the job and the support to be printed, we offer Offset Led UV printing solutions for specific jobs where quality is a critical success factor, but the degree of difficulty is high (more difficult to print substrates). We can offer this service in Commercial (catalogs, brochures) or Packaging (packaging, labels) solutions.